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Favored For The Frontline

Supporting families and serving community - as we are Treating the “Whole Man”

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FFM’s vision is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit and Truth – through discipleship training, counseling services, workshops, missionary outreach and Christian Education courses.


Our Goal is to impart Biblical principles and Spirit Filled practices of our Faith into as many of the souls God sends and assigns to expand the Kingdom of God on Earth.


Our Call is to transition non-Christians into converts, converts into disciples, and disciples into mature, fruitful leaders, who will in turn go into all of the world and reach the lost for the body of Christ.

"Get up, Go down against the camp, because I am going to

give it into your hands" 

Judges 7:9

Upcoming Events

  • Jul 13, 2024, 12:00 PM – Jul 14, 2024, 2:00 PM
    Chicago, 3250 W 60th St, Chicago, IL 60629, USA
    All Proceeds go to cover 3 scholarships to young people in the Chicagoland area - supporting their aspirations of college, trade or entrepreneurial endeavors! Our goal is a $500 seed each at minimum! Will you help us get there and make it do what it do?!

About Us

Frontline Favor Ministries was founded in January of 2018, after Pastor JaShawn Hill met with Sister Mary Cason in her home on 3500 Madison in Bellwood, IL to discuss the Word from the Lord.  Pastor Hill heard from God to launch the ministry and Sister Cason heard God tell her to give access to her home’s basement for monthly church services!  When the message was received the vision of Frontline Favor Ministries went into motion and the opening teaching series on the Art of Forgiveness went forth! This message of forgiveness has become the ministries ongoing tutelage to reach souls and the broken hearted.   Today FFM has moved to their home church of 3250 W. 60th Street where we teach, preach and equip souls for discipleship.  The work of this ministry goes far beyond the four walls concept and evangelizes in strategic ways of inner healing and development.


The vision of FFM to treat the whole man, allows for spiritual growth as well as deliverance by way of therapeutic tools and counseling services.  Pastor Hill believes God has uniquely gifted this ministry to reach those who have experienced the complexities of life and have a deep desire to be healed, delivered and set free by any means necessary!  Therefore, her vision to implement Christian Concepts with Therapeutic services will truly embody the “Wholeness” Jesus offered to those who would receive. We have been given the Grace and the Favor to Go up and Take the CITY!!! Judges 7:9

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